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Materials needed for this pattern are:

  • Yarn -- moss green, yellow, orange, light pink, and dark pink
  • A blunt tipped needle
  • 2/3 yard black monks cloth (or any color you prefer)
  • 1/2 yard lining fabric for inside of handbag

The finished size measures 13" x 11" not including shoulder strap.

9.50 price
Designer Handbag

Can you imagine . . .

how fun it will be to let your Swedish weaving talent go with you and be shown everywhere in public.
Instead of having your Swedish weave creation draped only over a sofa (as in an afghan), now you can have your beautiful work out for the world to see and enjoy with this flowery handbag/purse/tote.

Actually this handbag is Swedish weaving combined with embroidery.

It is Swedish weave at it's most creative and all the fun is in the bag -- literally!