To begin a Swedish weave project, all you need is yarn, a blunt tipped needle, a pattern, and monks cloth. That's it! It is so easy to learn and simple to do which makes it the best needlecraft ever.

You can take your Swedish weave projects with you. You don't need a loom (as for regular weaving) or quilting frames (for quilting) or long knitting needles (for knitting). And because you are working with yarn instead of embroidery floss (i.e. embroidery and x-stitch) your eyes will thank you.

Monks cloth is wonderful to work with. The 100% cotton gives it a comfy feel to hold and touch.
Because monks cloth is all cotton it does shrink . . . a lot! It shrinks between 1/4 and 1/8 smaller than the original size.

All the patterns at 5 Daughter's tell you how much yardage to purchase to achieve the finished size.

You may want to experiment with different colors of monks cloth and different colors of yarn than what is listed on the Ivy Stitching patterns.
Monks cloth originally only came in white and cream colors. It is now available in many colors: red, maroon, pink, rose, rust, light blue, navy blue, turquoise, olive green, dark green, light green, cream, tan, black, white, pastel yellow, pastel orange, lavender, and dark purple.

When machine sewing monks cloth (to keep it from fraying to pieces and to create a nice fringed edge) use a small straight stitch or a small zigzag stitch. You will machine stitch the cloth before washing and drying it.

You always machine wash and dry your monks cloth before weaving on it, then your shrinkage is taken care of and the fringed edge becomes soft and fluffy. Sometimes there are loose dangling threads hanging from your cloth piece when you pull it out of the dryer. Just trim these even with the fringe and then, if you want to iron/press the cloth, you can.

Click here to view instructional videos to show you Swedish weaving stitches and what you do with monks cloth.

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Getting Started with Swedish Weaving