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New motif patterns are here!

Swedish weaving motif patterns are different than other Ivy Stitching patterns. These patterns and future motif Swedish weave patterns will show you how to stitch the picture (or motif) and then you are free to put the design on whatever you would like. You can put the designs on afghans or blankets, table runners, a wall hanging, pillows, whatever you would like.

swedish weave heart home
This motif or design will make a delightful blanket/throw for a livingroom and a darling table runner for a livingroom or diningroom table. And anything else your creativity comes up with.
Just keep repeating the Swedish weave home/heart design across the monks cloth.
8.50 price
Home is Where the Heart is
Swedish weave Easter eggs
Hippity, hoppity, Easter's on it's way!
What a super fun Easter egg design to Swedish weave onto a wallhanging, pillow, table runner, and anywhere else your imagination takes you!
8.50 price
Easter Eggs