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swedish weaving pillow
swedish weave pillow

Materials needed for this pattern are:

  • Yarn -- dark green and dark red
  • A blunt tipped needle
  • 18" x 18" pillow form
  • 3/4 yard tan colored monks cloth*

The finished size measures 18" tall and 21" across with fringe.
*Be creative and choose monks cloth and yarn color combinations to fit your home's color scheme.

9.50 price
"Live, Laugh, Love" pillow
Every home (yours and mine), has life, love, and laughter.

These rich words woven onto an inviting Swedish weave decorator pillow will fill your home with even more warmth, love, and life.

With this pattern you can easily weave a beautiful pillow for your living area, with classic and traditional lettering.

The lettering follows the Swedish weave style of staying on the top of the cloth and works across the width of the pillow.